Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finding Water Mexico

It was a stellar afternoon with an over capacity group gathered at 2a Donato Guerra yesterday to commence the first ever Finding Water Artist Way group. The weekly theme was Optimism and after we made our introductions I briefly talked about the three basic Artist Way tools. We discussed the Morning pages, the Artist walk and the artist date. Because of the size of the group we broke into two groups to do the two diving rods. Then at half time we had be ideas y boat as and switched up the groups. We wrapped up at around 2 p.m. And some people stayed behind to make some prayer flags from cotton or burlap.

Today I registered an Artist Way blog on Wordpress. It is called and the password is fairly obvious and can be obtained by contacting me.    This is the debut of our fledgling blog!

Namaste from Cafe Grano!

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