Saturday, July 21, 2012

Highlights of Week Two and Three in Nanaimo & Victoria

Like wow, I've been here for three weeks already and every single day is a joy and a blessing. Where to start since every day is a gift?

Some highlights include find a better light filled place to live, volunteering at the first ever Nanaimo BBQ festival earning my first day glo green t shirt. I also dropped in at the Harbour City Newcomer coffee time at Serious Coffee at Piper Bay/Beach, saw Savages and the Most Exotic Marigold Hotel and generally had a good time bombing around in Mavrik, my 2002 Mustang convertible. I finished reading 'Bride of New France' in anticipation of next Thursday's Nanaimo Library Book Club gathering and am now reading 'The Matchstick Men' about a couple of grifters. This book was made into a movie starring on of my all time fave actors, Nicholas Gage. You can love him (I do.) or loathe him (Many do.) but no one anywhere can say that he is ever. He has made some dubious choices in films but overall no one can play 'tortured' like Nick.  Bring Out the Dead comes to mind with Nick as a tortured ambulance driver who is haunted by a young girl that he was not able to save.

I also attended this fantastico collage/assemblage workshop called the Trickster's Tale in Victoria with Nick Bantock of Griffin and Sabine fame. Very inspiring and educational and I'm quite anxious to set up a proper studio to keep/start working on all kinds of fabulous mixed media and painting projects!

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