Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Month in the Harbour City...

Well, it's been a bit of a roller coaster to be sure but I have moved to a more Joanna-friendly place and I've got boxes and bins to unpack and continue the sifting and sorting. OMG. Like where exactly did all this stuff come from and why oh why did I think it important enough to think that I had to move it across the Georgia Strait anyway?  And yes, it is a rhetorical question...

Oh well...In any case for Week Four I returned from Victoria inspired and energized and ready to create, create, create!  Nick Bantock is quite a character and his quirky sense of humour is very dry and British which I enjoy.

On Monday I was on Gabriola Island to help the Theatre Festival folk put together these banners that will block the light in one of the festival tents. Once I get unpacked somewhat anyway, I'll sign up for some more shifts to help out sell tickets and other jobs that they need volunteers for.

Due to my across city move I did not get to the Library Book Club or the Harbour City Newcomers BBQ. But now that I'm in my REAL home and can cut my expenses because it's a place where I actually want to prepare meals and hang out in I can organize my life and monthly calendar much better. Oh happy day....Amazing that 20 years of being in the Okanagan is so quickly fading into the ether of my memory. I'm finally exactly WHERE I'm supposed to be at last!

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