Saturday, March 24, 2012


Once again I am in a muy grande state of flux and once again I feel compelled to return to the Finding Water book of Julia Cameron's trilogy of Artist Way Books. With my house on the market now for just two weeks on Monday and eight showings and two offers it seems like I'm in some kind of free fall buffeting around with the winds of change which is both exciting and terrifying. Just last year I was in love and the man who I thought was a 'keeper' was planning to share my space. Just last year he arrived at my door with his Tracker on a flat bed truck with a blown out motor because he hadn't checked the oil before he headed out to 'drive all night' as Celine Dion sings to get to me. Just last year, I was nervous and excited at this wondrous turn of events especially as my right leg was encapsulated with a cast due to an unfortunate fall and break stepping on the edge of a flagstone at the bottom of my stairs. Snap; all things for me changed then as I was unable to go as a volunteer for the To Mexico With Love trip to the Baja and all things for me have changed since I was able to spend four months in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico as a first time and basically 'accidental' snowbird. It wasn't my idea to go there but I embraced the lifestyle and I tapped into the wonderfully vibrant snowbird community there and did all kinds of interesting things. Some of which are chronicled on my TripAdvisor review of Mexico and Ajijic Suites.

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