Thursday, March 29, 2012

Artist in Residency Application

Joanne Mary Agnes Babiak

Nanaimo, British Columbia  


Biography/Artist & Purpose Statement       

 Extraordinary Commonalities 

This theme speaks to my affinity for oxymorons to reflect the contrasts of life. As a black and white aficionado/photographer and documentary filmmaker I continue to hone my powers of observation both here at home and abroad.  A recently returned retiree who spent the past winter of 2012 in the charming and vibrant artistic community of Ajijic, Jalisco., Mexico.  I want to continue to look at my world with the childlike sense of day to day wonder in the miracles / milagros de vida/  of life as they are gifted to us in sometimes the most common and infinitesimal of ways.

As I prepare to pack up my two decade long residency in the Okanagan to move to Nanaimo and area I believe that synchronicity or 'fortunate happenstance has led me to 'accidentally discover the outstanding opportunity to apply to become the debut Artist in Residence at The Haven on spectacularly picturesque Gabriola Island.

Wishing, hoping and praying to one day live by the ocean ever since I was 16 and starting my work life it is now at this pivotal juncture in my life after a diverse career as a primary teacher that I am now am powerfully drawn to the lure of island life and living intimately connected to this unique island and to the water surrounding it in all directions.

Well versed in social media (Facebook, Blogger & Twitter) as a result of earning my Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology at the University of Calgary I bring both my diverse experience and background gained during my diverse career in schools in Alberta, British Columbia and California as well as new century technological awareness and know how to this new opportunity.

Hence even though my application is pushing on the deadline for consideration I have worked at updating my art blogs including this one to present my petition to become the FIRST artist in residence at The Haven.

Thank you for your consideration.     Sincerely,  Joanne Babiak



International (English as a Second Language) Teacher Training Organization,

Guadalajara, Mexico, February, 2012

Educational and Experiential Background:


Visual Arts

Okanagan School of the Arts/   Penticton/Fiction and Documentary Filmmaking

Vernon Community Arts Center/  Collage

Soul Collage Workshop in Vancouver

Vancouver Island School of the Arts/  Mixed Media

Gulf Island Film and Television School/   Black & White Super 8 Experimental Film
Nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Super 8 Experimental Film  at EyeLens Film Festival

The New Road   Length: 4:16
Produced during the Adult Media Intensive Program (March 17 - 23, 2002) by Krystal Kehoe, Jake Gilchrist, and Joanne Babiak. A man finds himself alone and a stranger in a strange place. While hitchhiking, he is picked up by an unusual couple. The film relates what happens to him enroute to The New Road.
Screened at the EyeLens Festival on Galiano Island & Beach Blanket Film Festival in Penticton
Type in The New Road on the search box to view on
or go to: 

Have crewed as production assistant on number of short films and a television pilot (Tomorrow's Memoirs and a Canadian Feature Length Film, 'Ill Fated' directed by Mark Lewis

Production Assistant for Bravo! funded short film, 'Dance of the Little Old Men' directed by Kulchera Matson

Escuela International Cine y Television/   Havana, Cuba in summer of 2010
Documentary Filmmaking/ 11 minute documentary called, 'Nowhere Man'
which was premiered at the Ryerson Latin American Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario in November 2010

NOWHERE MAN was filmed on location in Old Havana, Cuba during the summer of 2010. This eleven minute documentary chronicles the plight of a balsero (or raft person) from the Mariel Boat Lift in the early 80s and how he successfully escaped the oppressive communist Castro regime on an inner tube raft on the Florida Strait in eight hours only to find himself deported back to Havana twenty years later older but perhaps no wiser. We follow Roberto during a typical day as a street hustler preying upon tourists in Vieje Habana as he struggles to supplement his meager income acting as a tour guide as well as attempting to plot his way out of Cuba once more.  The next time for good.
American premiere:  Ellensburg International Film Festival October 2011
Trailer for 'Nowhere Man' 

Most recently I was a researcher for an Islands Trust documentary project and spent 3 weeks on Galiano Island at the Gulf Island Film and Television School in October of 2011. I worked for Gumboot Film Productions.

Emily Carr University/   Mixed Media Program/

 'The Built Surface'

Active Membership in Ajijic Society of the Arts in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

Coming up: Attendance at Nick Bantlock's 'The Trickster's Tail' Collage Class in July, 2012

I've also facilitated two out for the three Julia Cameron Artist Way books, The Artist Way and Walking in the World. I'm starting Finding Water next month with an online Artist Way Facebook group.

I've also starting an online daily art journalling class with Shelly Klammer in Vancouver called ' Empower Yourself Through Creativity'

Performing Arts

In the performing arts realm, I have been the prop mistress and set dresser for three community theatre companies and am very interested in the Gabriola Island Little Theatre company now that I know that a relocation to Vancouver Island is imminent. Next winter, I plan to get involved with the Lake Chapala Little Theatre which is Mexico's longest standing English speaking live theatre with their own playhouse right in San Antonio up the careterra from Ajijic where I spent the last winter.

Past Production Pictures of Sets for 'Maggie's Getting Married', 'Don't Dress For Dinner', & 'Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii' for Many Hats Theatre Company in Penticton

Bare Bones Theatre Company   'On Golden Pond', 'The Odd Couple' & 'Crimes of the Heart'

Summerland Singers and Players   'Nuncrackers' & 'The Best Little Christmas Pageant Ever'

Progress Theatre Company   Prop Mistress for  'Wit',  Screen Projectionist for 'Merchant of Venice' & Producer/Set Designer/Dresser for 'Boom!' A play by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb  

Do you have a date for the apocalypse?
Jules, a grad student in marine biology, and Jo, a journalism student, meet one Saturday night in Jules’s small underground laboratory on a university campus, after Jo answers Jules’s online personal ad offering an encounter that promises “sex to change the course of the world.” During his research on a deserted tropical island, Jules discovered patterns among the behavior of fish that seemed to portend a premature end to most forms of earthly life. So he has turned his tiny lab/ apartment into a place to wait out the disaster and begin remaking humanity. Will he be successful or are we heading for the 'Big Bang' end game? 

Screen Projection for 'Girl Talk' for Penticton and District Womens' Centre

Director/Producer and Set Designer for 23 Live Performances of The Nativity Story for  the 'Walk to Bethlehem' Christmas event at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church on Martin Street in Downtown Penticton, December 2007

Art Blogs for Luna Azul Mixed Media & Film Flam Productions

Digital Sketch IPad Art Journal

Film Flam Productions

Graduate School Art Blog 

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