Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Another Manic Monday...

Started off the week earlier than Usual with a surprise invitation for a birthday breakfast, not mine, at Perkins downtown. Then since I was out and about anyway I went to the twonie drop in card class at Crafty Capers, this scrap booking place on Bowen Road here in Nanaimo. I didn't particularly like the fussy card that was featured so I made the alternate card and also bought 20 blank cards and envelopes that were a bright Mexicana green. Not sure what I will do with them but I'm sure something will come to me. Anyway, my Day 3 mixed media project was a blank card with an embossed flower design and ribbon on it so I'll count this as mixed media. Will need to continue to clear and clean out the guest room / studio so that it's workable on perhaps the next rainy day. Whenever THAT is since this summer has been ever so nice and hot and sunny!

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