Thursday, August 23, 2012

As The Summer Winds Down....

Well, the Gabriola Theatre Festival has come and gone with nine ferry trips to and fro helping out with the sewing of the backstage black out panels, ticket selling and front of house and now the Nanaimo Fringe Festival is upon us with three front of house gigs followed by a road trip through Washington State to Seattle where the Bumbershoot Arts and Music Festival will be happening. This festival has been on my radar for a while but since it is RIGHT before the first day of school I've just never been able to make it...until now, that is. So I'm off to do three different roles volunteering at this truly fantastic festival and then it's back to the Okanagan Valley for a three day canning-palooza event since I just learned how to can last fall no less after residing in the Peach City for twenty years. So I'll be scouring the garage sales this weekend to get ready to make salsas, chutneys, pickled beets, jams and canned fruit and sauces of all descriptions! Thank once again to Beverley C. for sharing her skilled canning expertise!

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