Friday, May 11, 2012

Artist Participant 526

To mark my 57th birthday since this year I'm having an ultra low key one I decided to register myself as the 526th participant in the Creative Every Day Challenge. The motivation for doing this is to actually work at developing an artistic practice much in the same way as people develop a yoga 'practice' or a meditation 'practice.'  Since I've long considered my birthday or really ANYONE'S birthday to be their personal new year I am publicly declaring my intent as I continue to stumble my way through finishing and packing up my Okanagan life and relocating to Vancouver/Gabriola Island. Four showings on my house this week AND an offer is pending subject to the subjects being removed by next Friday...I hope/pray. Update:  Five showings as there was a noon showing on Mother's Day as well so this has been the most activity on my house since I first listed and there was a flurry of interest! And an immediate offer that regretably fell through...

On Friday, which was my 57th Birthday I just didn't feel like going out so I stayed home and painted a canvas of how I was feeling and what came out was a woman caught between two worlds with her arms outstretched and one had is tethered by three blue streamers or ribbons and the other is free to embrace the future. There is a water feature on the lower part of the canvas interestingly enough and a sort of smoky cloud hanging over the woman's (my?) head.  I did a collage for my 56th birthday when I was attached and hoping for a birthday to remember because I had a b/f. Well, it was memorable and I did go to the spa with my old friend from Grade 7 but alas, I did not get flowers or a card from the b/f. Or even just a small token of something that would make me feel special and loved. Fast forward to 2012 and I am unattached and sort of emotionally adrift and once again between two worlds wanting to SELL and MOVE but not knowing what my life will be life a year from now si Dios quiren (Spanish expression meaning 'if God wants.'

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